Updates 2017

Seasons Greenings,

As the calendar page flips to December, reflection becomes a consistent companion. Inevitably we look back on the year, taking stock of where we are, pausing for a moment before the promise of a new year sends us hurtling forward once again.

Highlights of 2017

Entered discussions with Sustainability Today for a fiscal sponsorship agreement that would give Earth Harmony Habitats non-profit status under their non-profit umbrella.

  • This is a major step forward in being able to offer tax deductions on funding to support affordable, sustainable housing. All we need now is a project to seal this deal.

Investigated an opportunity to build an Earth Harmony Habitat at Immanuel Lutheran Church

  • Summer Gorder of EcoReal Solutions is working with Immanuel Lutheran Church to assess their property for an Earth Harmony Habitats as a project to demonstrate the values and principles of the church.

Created a funding plan to build the first Earth Harmony Habitats micro community (est. at $1.2 million)

  • It is estimated that $250,000 is needed to engineer, acquire land, code proof and market the first Earth Harmony Habitats.  Contact David for details.

Investigated sites that would be ideal for an Earth Harmony Habit

  • Tom Hopkins of Sustainability Today and Amanda Schueler of John L. Scott are focusing on finding appropriate sites for locating the first Earth Harmony Habitat.

Refined Survey!

  • Walker Leiser, David Burdick and Amanda are refining the survey to discern current interest levels and commitment to aspects of sustainable housing design.  It is nearly finished and plans are afoot to send it your way soon. 

Many thanks to the volunteers, advocates and the myriad other invaluable contributors who have taken strides in 2017 toward manifesting Earth Harmony Habitats and creating homes that are healthy and comfortable for the residents and the planet!

Joyous Greenings,

David Burdick and the Earth Harmony Habitat Board of Advisors:

Amanda Schueler, Summer Gorder, Tom Hopkins, Tazo Schafer, Walker Leiser

You can never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete. —
R.  Buckminster Fuller