Project Features

The Earth Harmony Habitat Homes are designed to create rich and warm spaces for living, vibrant and connected outdoor spaces, and are fully integrated with passive design principles. 

The project features include:

  • Small in footprint, the design of the project results in comfortably sized homes between 1150– 1700 square feet, including the vertical garden greenhouse.
  • A comfortable roof terrace nestled among the trees will give residents all the benefits of a private backyard, on a small footprint.
  • The homes share a 1200‐square foot common space containing extra storage, a kitchen, vertical gardens and a guest bedroom, reserve‐able by residents for visiting family and friends.
  • Earth Harmony Habitats is designed to achieve a Net Zero Energy Rating, a Passive Haus certification, and to meet or exceed the standards of the Living Building Challenge 2.0.  Together these standards represent the most strict green‐building criteria world‐wide, and will put the Earth Harmony Habitats project on the map as a true leader in sustainable design.
  • The integration of vertical gardens around the homes make it possible for each home to grow their own fruits and vegetables, right outside of their doors. The extra mass of the soil also insulates the homes, providing even greater heating and cooling savings all year long.
  • A 3,000 kWh Photo‐voltaic system on the roof of each home will completely offset the cost of power.
  • The project meets the PassiveHaus’s criteria for super insulated structures. These techniques further offset the costs to homeowners for the heating and cooling of their home.
  • The project’s rain catchment system completely offsets the need for city water and sewage-and the associated water bills.
  • Composting toilets ensure a fully restorative and integrated approach to waste treatment.