Net Zero Living

Living Net Zero means that:

  • Energy from the sun is captured by solar panels on the roof.
  • Water from rains is collected, filtered and stored in cisterns below ground
  • Food scraps and human wastes are composted and used as nutrients to supplement the soil
  • Vegetables and fruits are grown on the walls and grounds of the community gardens
  • Water used to run the household is used again to water plants.
  • Metaphorically, your home is “off the grid”-is self sufficient.  To eliminate the need for batteries to store excess electricity, the system is hooked up to the city’s power grid and the excess power turns the meter backwards, to replenish the power used and in some cases, sold back at a premium rate.

Benefits of living net zero

  • The home is super insulated, loosing very little heat in the winter and gaining very little in the summer, a comfortable temperature all year round
  • Your energy bills net to zero annually.
  • Your carbon footprint for your home is zero, and aligns with the City of Portland’s goal to be carbon neutral by 2050.
  • Your water bill is zero.
  • Vegetables are grown all year round, allowing you to eat a local, healthy diet all year round and saving money for purchasing produce.
  • Human wastes are fully utilized as nutrients for the garden-you become part of a cycle of life.
  • You are connected and more aware of the natural environment.  You are able to see natural cycles from an entirely different perspective, knowing that when the sun is shining, it’s earning energy credits, and when it’s raining, its re it replenishes the holding cisterns that allows for life.
  • Your home is on the cutting edge of sustainability, leading the way towards a restorative, flourishing future.