Updates 2011

Highlights of 2011

January 2011

  • Established a meet-up website for EHH (http://www.meetup.com/earthharmonyhabitats/)
  • Reviewed book Creating a life together” by Diana Leafe Christian.
  • Developed values, goals and covenant page on EHH website (www.earthharmonyhabitats.org)
  • Met with planning commissioner for city of Milwaukie to discuss EHH

February 2011

  • Created Vertical Garden Designs with Bryan Bailey and Daniel Edwards
  • Developed agreement with Vertical Wall Institute in Oregon City for testing a prototype
  • Became member of co-housing group in Portland Oregon and attended meetings
  • Reviewed several potential locations for EHH.
  • Met with a gentleman who has 3 acres of land along river south of Milwaukie on interest of using EHH as design.

March 2011

  • Met with Milwaukie Building commissioners to review EHH design and determine potential zone challenges. Determined that project is feasible, Zoning is R 1, 2 and 2.5. There are also areas outside of Milwaukie that do not use zoning but do require neighbor approval. Lavina Farms is a good example of tighter density outside of Milwaukie’s jurisdiction. No issues with Solar, height. Will require parking or request review ($1700). City is reviewing building guidance for single and multi-family dwellings and will be published by Nov. 2011
  • Became involved in giving feedback on gray water reuse rules (http://www.deq.state.or.us/wq/reuse/gwrulemaking.htm)

April 2011

  • Met with city of Milwaukie planning and building commissions to discuss EHH regarding multifamily unit development requirements
  • Requested additional volunteers through [email protected]
  • Draft of gray water rules were published, they do not allow dishwater to enter into gray water system, flow rates require oversized systems, type 1 and 2 gray water cannot be used on EHHp@ss33 crops. Hookup to city system required, permit for type 2 gray water required
  • Attended a Urban Renewal workshop on weekend
  • Held a kickoff meeting for EHH in Milwaukie. Total of 5 attended.
  • Presented EHH at the earth day festivities at the Environmental School in Portland.

May 2011

  • Landscaping department at PCC Rock creek may be interested in prototyping the unit
  • Signed a contract with SEG Works to create a financial assessment and pro-forma for EHH
  • Attended the Living Building Conference in Vancouver WA and displayed EHH in conjunction with Ecotrust.
  • Developed an agreement with New Wood products to use their material to build prototype of Vertical Green Wall
  • Attended City of Milwaukie meeting with developers to vet their concerns
  • New poster board and literature has been created for EHH

June 2011

  • Pro-forma has been completed. Price estimate ranges from $250,000 for the 2 story units to $350,000 for the 3 story units.
  • Chris Langeler has reviewed EHH website and marketing approach and has given good feedback on what to do to attract more attention.

July 2011

  • Presented EHH at the Oregon Country Fair
  • Updated website with new information. Have yet to address marketing aspects.

August 2011

  • Time to enjoy summer

September 2011

  • Worked with Erica Benjamin and Janice Levenhagen to help develop Living Building Challenge presentation for American Institutes of Architectures (AIA)
  • Presented an hour lecture at the AIA offices on Living Building Challenges and EHH.
  • Attended BEST Fest, a gathering of researchers and businesses interested in developing building performance.
  • Attended the Passive House conference in Olympia.

October 2011

  • Gave EHH presentation to students at Professor Todd Jarvis of Oregon State University regarding
  • Created capstone opportunities for PSU faculty interested in finding projects for students at PSU

November 2011

  • Barry King Construction Company volunteered to create the vertical garden prototype with New Wood materials. Spent 4 evenings detailing and constructing two prototypes!
  • Attended and presented EHH at Earth Advantages Green Forum
  • Created capstone project opportunities for urban planning students at PSU.

December 2011

  • Took the LEED GA training course
  • Began developing re-circulating shower system.
  • Found donations of Plexiglas, irrigation system and materials for vertical garden
  • Working on finding donations for the soil monitoring system.
  • Met with Living Building Futures and PLUG on possibility of creating a collaborative meeting for living building challenge projects.